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Homemade Herbal Remedy

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Happy Herpes Tea or Herbel Cold Sore Tea:

These tea is awesome! It has over 12 antiviral properties and helps control the multiplication of the virus know as herpes or cold sore or fever blister. And yes, a cold sore is herpes, get used to the word and understand some things about herpes and herpes natural remedies by clicking here. But before you cold sore comes about drink about 3 cups of this tea a day and see how you can stop the cold sore from even come about. If you have one already be amazed by how much faster you heal by following the directions below.

Contents: A specific recipe of Lemon balm (melissa), self heal, hyssop, thyme, mint, rosemary, sage.

How to take it: Brew the tea. Boil on a pot of water in a regular 1 quart open pot (other container but I like an open faced pot). Once it is boiling turn it off, take it off the burner. Throw about 3, five finger, pinches on the top of the water and throw the top on. Since this is medicinal let it sit covered for 20 minutes. Strain into a cup with with a tea strainer, it is like a handle thing with a meatal mesh that you pour the tea through and it does not let the herb fall through. (Buy it at a general store, or online - it should be cheap) Bam it's done. You can strain the rest into a large cup (not plastic) and refrigerate it and drink it for a day or two. If I had a cold sore I would drink a quart a day. Keep what you are not drinking refrigerated. If I was to get one, I would drink as much as I could up to a quart a day. You would not believe the benefits!

Cold Sore Tea

4 oz bag of mixture of
Herpes Tea Leaves

(you can choose buy more than one in the next step)
Bag cost $7.00 believe me 2 oz is a lot of tea. This will last you multiple outbreak, or non-outbreaks when you take the tea when you feel tingling.
Coming Soon contact us to find out when!


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