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Iron Herbal Tonic - Blood

Iron Tonic:blood tonic- homade

Who says you need to take funny pills when you are low on iron? This formula is a most natural approach to boosting your iron intake with herbs. Herbs are food, and are much more efficiently absorbed into your body than synthetic minerals. Herbs are full of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. In the proper formula and proportions, there is an herbal mixture for everything under the sun. Yellow Dock is one of the richest sources of Iron in the plant kingdom and Rose Hip is high in Vitamin C, which helps the body assimilate the iron.

Stay Strong.

While we can’t say that herbs actually “heal” anything... We can say that people have been using plants as medicine since the beginning of time, and successfully so. We think that says enough.

Read more about these herbs to get a better understanding of their medicinal powers:

Contents: Over 12 herbs such as:Yellow Dock, rose hips, dandelion, alfalfa

How to take it: One teaspoon daily.
Really what is it going to do? Why should I try it?

  1. The herbs in this formula have thought for generations to clean the blood that courses through your entire body and revitalize many organs and vital body systems.

2. Many people have had very positive results with no side effects besides general detoxification, which is a wonderful thing.
3. Look up blood function and tell me why it would be wise to have healthier blood.

  1. The blood steam is the pathway of the healthy cells that fight off infection and disease.
  2. Everyones body could use a little boost of nutrition and detoxification

-A diet high in fresh raw fruits and veggies and very minimal  (ideally none) processed foods will help you in any level of health you aim to achieve.
Happy Cleansings:)

Payment Options

One Quart of Blood Tonic / Rejuvenation Tonic
(you can choose buy more than one in the next step)
Bottle cost 25.00 - shipping cost 10.00 - remember its heavy liquid.
This will last typically for one month. Depending on your needs you may take more than a tablespoon a day.
* severe conditions should double this amount when possible

Coming soon contact us to find out when!
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