worst food high fructose corn syrup, msg, aspartame

Top 5 No-No's:


The top 5 foods that you should never eat!

* remember all of these statements are not approved or validated by the FDA and are just opinions

High fructose corn syrup - made from mutated, gmo corn, refined three times know to cause so many diseases I have to list them later

Msg - Monosodium glutamate. Extotoxin know to literally excite your taste buds some much they die. Serious problems come about from msg. Trust your taste buds if they tingle (which is not normal) many moments after you eat, you know its got msg. By the way it is so bad they tried banning it in the US but no.. Other people had other plans. Other alias for msg, yeast extract, ...

Hydrogenated oil and Partially Hydrogentated Oil - Again another manmade disaster. They physically add hydrogen to oil essential changing its structure to make the shelf life of food rediculously long. You should never consumer hydrogenated oil read about it, it kills you.

Artificial flavors and sweeteners and colors - I hope we are making this clear, artificial food is not real! Do you like eating things made in a lab. Do you think that is healthy. Artifical sweeteners include aspartame, sucralose... Where you find them equal, sweet and low, splenda.

White sugar and flour - White means that it is bleached. Do you like to eat bleach. I heard it kills you. In order to get white flour they strip all of the nutrients and use them for other things. What an industry! When you get your bread if it says bleached or enriched do not buy it! Their are plenty of breads with real grain.


All of these ingredients should not be in your food. If you are wondering why you cannot lose weight or why you have disease or better yet if you want to avoid taking perscriptions drugs for the later part of you life avoid these foods. Anyone who avoids all of these ingredients is healthy in my book. For real!


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